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I chose to blog for a simple reason:  I need to write!  Kafka said, “A non-writing writer is a monster courting insanity,” and that is unappealing enough to move me to yield to something that is a passion for me, but that I often turn into a problem.  (Guilt, perfectionism, a bizarre tendency to turn something I love into a chore…Anyone hear me on this? Anyone?) I also wanted to challenge myself with some routine, short-term goals, and some boundaries in which I can really bounce around.  And why do I need to share all of this with the whole wide world?  Because another thing I want to challenge myself with is authenticity, and being authentic by myself in a journal in a room with the door shut is not much of a CHALLENGE, now is it?  Of course, a personal perk is that my over-zealous self-editor is quieted when I start writing faster and louder than it can criticize.


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