Why “Candid Calliope”

I’ve mentioned already my desire to be honest, to be authentic.  Thus, the word “candid.”  Candid means sincere, free from reservation.  And in photography, as most of you know, it also means “unposed.”  Those pictures are always my favorite.  I want to spend the rest of my life unposed.

Other than being one of the best words ever, a calliope is a musical instrument, a steam organ, usually used when playing, you guessed it, circus music.  My life is a circus.  Not long ago, my husband and I decided our family theme song was Entrance of the Gladiators.  This is an awesome title for a song, and if you ever see our family attempt to simply enter a building you would understand we enter to this music, which is a degree or two less cool than the title implies.  We hum this song under our breath when we sit down to meals and one child asks to be excused to “rock out” while the other throws a cup across the table, laughing all the while.  We look at each other and start the tune over when the dog runs away just as it’s time to get out the door.  Life is funny, and relentless, and circus music not only fits, it helps.  Try it sometime.


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